Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Everything has been crazy recently. I have returned to university after a long and calming break, which meant that my food choices, sleeping habits, daytime routine, and basically everything in my life was shaken up. My blood glucose levels reflected this.

The problem is, when my BGs run high for an extended time I feel like crap and I get stuck in a rut. I can't be bothered to basal test, I can't be bothered to change my pump settings, I just want to sleep. That is not conducive to getting better. At all.

It seems like the most best thing for me to get my BGs back on track is for me not to be feeling terrible from high BGs in the first place. But for now, I'll take a little help from my friends to get me back on track.

Diabetes is behaving better today. And I can appreciate just a little how lucky I am to live in a place like this, diabetes or not.

The depression makes it hard to get to that point. I savour every moment of "lucky" I feel.

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