Thursday, 19 January 2012

A Chill in the Community

In general, I feel a lot of warmth from the DOC.  But this week, I saw more hatred and harshness, than warmth, and that saddens me greatly.

This week, there has been a lot of negative reaction to Paula Deen coming out about her Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis. I don't know her from the TV, being in Ireland, I never even heard of her until all of this speculation started amongst the DOC about her diagnosis.

I felt incredibly disappointed about how some of my fellow PWD's responded to it all. This community is supposed to be about helping each other fight and get through our illness. Not place blame, mock, or "I told you so". When one of us is feeling crappy from a high blood sugar, we don't tweet back and be all, "HAHAH!! Your own fault, dumbass! Shouldn't have ate those carbs now should you?!". We don't do that. So why did so many people WITH diabetes, do that to this woman? You don't know her story, her background, the struggles she faces in her own life.

Diabetes, no matter what type, is nobody's fault. Unhealthy lifestyle choices may in some cases be a trigger to the development of Type 2, but that is neither here nor there. The fact is, she has Diabetes now, why not just leave her be, and give her some support? Why place the blame game, the why and how? Who cares. The fact is she is now part of our club, the club that nobody wants to be a part of. It's not fair and the audacity of some people to place judgement and fire hatred towards her makes me feel worried and sort of alone. Some people have forgotten what this community is all about.

Not everybody reacted badly. There has been a lot of support for Paula from some of my fellow PWD and you are awesome for that. You know who you are.

We love each other, we support each other. We are family. We all have this disease and nobody likes it, wished for it, or deserves it. Reach out your hand and help a sister out, for crying out loud!


  1. Just wanted to say, we stand united on this one. I honestly can't even believe some of the reaction.

  2. Yes!!! Exactly what I was going to say! I hadnt heard of her either and I guess that gave me the perspective of an outsider looking in (being in Canada and not a cable subscriber). I just try to imagine being under the microscope in the first 10... Hell, 15 years after diagnosis, you'd be all shaking your heads, thinking, "my, my, my"

    In fact, when I first heard of her situation, i took a chance that she might even read her twitter feed, and told her about the great support out theree.

    I feel kind of sad, and can only respond by reaching out in my own way, and hope I can only lead by example, and maybe others will soften their views.

  3. so glad I missed the bit brewhaha about this one, I for one get annoyed relentlessly about how people are so stuck on categories. As if it matters. No matter "why" another person has or doesn't have diabetes it doesn't change that my husband and son do, so come on folks we're in this wild ride together. I just keep thinking whenever we humans have to attempt to do what an organ should do we will sometimes fail - sometimes that leads to highs or lows, but no matter if you're type 1, 1.5, LADA, MODY or even type doesn't feel good. We all wish an explanation made it all better, but it doesn't - so instead we need to move on and see that we are all stronger when we work together, laugh together and even gripe together. Take care :)

  4. Thanks for the post, Kate. You're exactly right, in that we need to be supportive and welcoming to Paula. Here's hoping more of that comes to be, in the D-community both online and offline.