Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Boob Infusion Site

(Read: I did this boob site back in December. But I never blogged about it, so in case you missed what happened, here you go.)

A couple of weeks back, I was giving a correction bolus while I was interacting with the DOC on twitter, and for some strange reason, I wondered what it would be like to have my pump set in my boob. (This was also a week after I shaved off all. of. my. hair. I think that may have been crazy week.) Pain didn't come into my head at first. I just thought it was interesting. Now, I know that the breasts are made of different tissues and muscles and that we aren't educated to place the infusion sets there for a reason.

But did anybody ever try it? I asked twitter. I got some horror stories from a couple of the ladies, involving an unknown female inserting her set 'down there'. One word: Ouch. Some of the ladies were curious to know if anybody ever tried it, but we couldn't find a record of it. So I tried it.

I finished my breakfast and gave my bolus. Ripped out my old set (it was time to change it anyways) and I jumped in for my 'free' shower. I was all gung ho and ready for this baby. Then I sat on the bed and looked at the Inset and I thought: "Oh. This is going in my boob." I felt a little sick and shaky but I really wanted to do it. Just to SEE. So I inserted it on the top of the fatty part of my right breast. I was aware of the needle going in and coming out, but there was no pain or discomfort. It just felt...well it felt weird. It was in my BOOB. But there was no..OMG.

My wonderful photo editing skills below show where I placed the infusion set. In case there is confusion, the red one is the infusion set.  (I have a tendency to complicate things).

So I left it there for a couple of hours. Still no pain. I checked the site regularly to make sure it wasn't getting red or swollen. I was afraid that the insulin wouldn't absorb properly and just pool there, but it didn't appear to. I checked my blood sugar regularly and they held very steady, too. It was just hanging there, in my boob, like a normal site.

I went about the day as normal. Went shopping with my sister. Even ate some candy. And maybe some fast food. I bolused with the boob site. And 2 hours post meal, my blood sugar was normal, the site was still comfortable, and appeared fine.

But it was in my boob. And it was freaking me out. So I pulled it out.

Now I know.


  1. Hmmm. I missed this conversation back in December, but now you've got me curious... Mine are smaller so I think I would try the side boob. I'll let you know if I ever get the guts to do it. ;)

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  3. Haven't tried my infusion on my breast yet but would be more real estate space I guess. I have bigger tatas so more room but not sure if I would want the infusion on it since it might irritate or I might rip it out at night by accident. Nice to know that it works. Great research!

  4. OMG!! My first thought would be would there be any link with the trauma to the breast tissue and breast cancer? I wouldn't do it myself but a least now you now what it is like!!

  5. I definitely didn't feel comfortable with it there, but it was more mental discomfort than physical because:

    A) It's not very sexy.
    B) I had the cancer link worry at the back of my mind, too.
    C) It's just weird.