Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Vlog: Infusion sets are scary

I decided to record this vlog this morning. Over the past couple of weeks, in the DOC we have been talking about how some of us get really nervous when it's time to change our infusion sets. While it's not so much of an issue for me now, when I was new to the pump, the infusion set going in was a really scary prospect.

For me, I think it was the noise. Some people fear the pain. Some people are terrified that they hit a blood vessel and bleed horribly all over the place. It is scary, and it's a very real fear. Over time though, the fear eases a little. But some people are still nervous, and I can't say i'm not one of them. The 'BANG' of the inserter is not a fun noise. The speed of a needle barreling towards your skin is not fun either. Yikes.

Every time I change my set I still need to take a little breath in. It's scary. But it's over fast, too.

I suggested to Carrie that she try insert her set without the inserter. Just go all rogue (in true diabetes bad ass style) and pop it in herself, without any help from a scary bangy thingy. So this morning I figured, that is a scary prospect too, and that she shouldn't be alone. So I did it myself, and I recorded it and put it here in a Vlog. Enjoy!

(if you are having trouble viewing this video, could you please let me know? via twitter/email)

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  1. AWW! ITS A PINK PING!! The video looked great, btw.
    I used to do the same thing with my sets like that. Some areas were too sensitive to let it automatically do it and it hurt like a, well.. you know.. and so I would do it manually. It's all about what site and insertion technique is good for you - and what area you are inserting it into.