Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Sweatbetes Week 3

I've had some injury issues this week, which is a shame, but I'm trying my best to both work through it and not push my body harder than it can deal with. "Shin splints" seem to be the name for multiple different problems, and basically a catch-all for pain in the shins, which is what I have, but mine is not so bad. When it happens, if I stop for a second and do some stretches it gets less intense and I'm able to keep going.

My mum and I ran almost 3 miles today, which is pretty cool. I could always do a few miles on the treadmill, but when it came to running in real life (hills and all!) I couldn't even do a mile to start with! I used to be able to run quite far until I got out of shape with depression etc., but I'm only just over 2 weeks in so this is a really huge improvement.

I even went shopping this week for some new trainers, I now have Nike Air Pegasus 28 trainers, which really beat the 9 year old Skechers I had been wearing (note to anyone reading: learning to run in shoes which were never intended for running and now barely even have soles is... interesting. But I didn't want to invest in new shoes if I didn't feel I was going to stick at it).

So I've now logged 20 miles overall (as you can see in the cool orange thing under my profile on the side of the blog), I'm feeling good and I'm ready for more!

Diabetes wise, it's not as hard as it was. I don't need to consume as much sugar beforehand and I'm not getting crazy overnight drops now I've adjusted. It's going well. Now I just need to find a decent belt for running which is comfy and doesn't jiggle about or rub, because that would drive me crazy.

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