Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sweatbetes Week 2

I'm planning to run a 10K in September (with my mum and a couple of other people from work). I've been running for a little over a week now, and before I started I was fairly out of shape (not overweight, just hadn't done any cardio exercise for about a year..). When I first started I couldn't even run 2K, needing to walk about 0.5K of it. It was my breathing which stopped me rather than my legs, and I would get blurred vision and feel like I was going to throw up, which isn't something that's ever really happened before.

I ran the full 2K circuit for the first time on Sunday, one week after I began training. Then today I managed around 2.5K. I'm tired out by the end, but I'm still standing. I think that most of the time I'm doing slightly better emotionally as well, although I find it difficult to tell.

I've had to lower my basal rate quite a lot, from a total of around 19U throughout the day to around 15U. Primarily I've needed to lower my overnight basal between 9PM and 2AM (I've been running at 5PM). Before I run I eat a few spoonfuls of frosting - not healthy at all but I have been finding that eating that rather than drinking juice makes me feel less sick; I find it easier to run on a more empty stomach, although not too long after eating because I do need a certain level of energy. It's all pretty complicated to manage alongside the D, but it seems to be working out at this point.

I think my BGs might even be more stable since I started running, except for my 400s and ketones last night, but that was due to a site failure and requires a whole new blog post!

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